Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thoughts from Thessalonians

I cannot read Thessalonians without being reminded of how wonderful it is that my identity is found in Christ.  As I marvel at God's greatness, I cannot help but to be reminded of nothingness. Here is one lesson I learned from the study of Paul's letter to the Thessalonians...
Basing our self-esteem on ourselves is vain, imprudent, and comparable to building a house on the sand.  

As humans we are imperfect.  

When we believe that we are great based on our own works, we are setting ourselves up for depression when something does not go our way and our self-fabricated life comes crashing down.

Contrarily, basing our self-esteem on God is like basing our self-esteem on a rock.  

Finding our esteem, not in what we have accomplished through our own determination or hard work (or for that matter our failures),

but rather in the work of Christ 

is vital, as regardless of what happens in our lives, 

our status before God will never change. 

What hope, what joy, what sweet freedom may be found in this astounding truth! 

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