Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daxx and Beaux

Just had to upload some picture of my boys. I get to babysit them quite often...and they are soooo fun and good!

Look at those muscles, dude! :D

Beaux (22 months) right after a bath.

Beaux and I...picture by Daxx (3).

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Pictures from Kanakuk

The entrance to K-Kauai. To the right is the office to the left is Hana Bay, The Reef (an outside sitting area), and the ropes course.

The Hammocks (Where the staff stayed. Guys on bottom, girls on top.)

Every morning I walked past this play ground on my way to Plank.

My bed. It was usually quite a mess by the end of the day. The only place we had to dry our clothes and towells was on our bed. Thus my bed was a mess.

K-Kauai- My dear friends!

Sweet Emily and I. Wow what an encouragement Emily was to me. She is engaged to one of the guy staff members. It was so encouraging to be able to talk with her about their relationship and their desire to honor God in everything they do!

Sam has such a sweet, God honoring heart. She too was such an encouragement to me. Keep on loving on God's people, Sam!!

Ahh, Alyson, where do I start? Alyson came early for boat driving training too. I will never forget meeting her for the first time...we hit it off right away. While we were planting flowers we talked about churches, shared our testimonies, and talked about her desire to work for a ministry that helps women involved in human trafficking. While we were there she found out she will get to do just that this fall. Praise God!

Then during one of those first nights Alyson and I went on a walk down on the lower fields together. We were both able to share our hearts. It was her first time being away from her twin sister Emily and my first time being away from home for that long. She quickly became a sister to me, and I have no doubt God sent her to Kauai just for me. What a blessing she was in my life the whole time I was there. I got continual hugs and encouragement from my dear sister! I miss you so much Alyson and hope to visit you soon!

Laura and I life guarding!! Love you girl!

Roomies!! Corrie, Lori, Sam, Alyson, and I. Everyone was about ready for bed. Haha oh our (or should I say their, I was always attempting to night discussions. Haha too hilarious!

My dear friend Corrie and I! On one of our 2-4s we were going to go jet skiing together. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so I took her to Table Rock's Moonshine Beach. She is from Florida, so it was nothing like her beaches. I had to convince her that there was absolutely nothing dangerous no sharks or alligators or dangerous fish in the water. :D

One of my favorite memories from kamp is picking rocks out of the mulch with Corrie during one of the work crews. We started teaching one another scripture we had memorized. A task that could have been boring became anything but boring. I love you Corrie and especially your heart for the Lord!

We were able to go pick blueberries together on the Saturday after we were done. It was so good to be able to spend time with Corrie reflecting on our time at Kauai before returning home. Before I headed home Saturday night I dropped Corrie off at the Branson Airport. It was so hard to leave such a good friend!

K-Kauai Family Kamp- ILife Night

Techy night and dressing up as a "techy" person was not my forte. LOL!

Favorite quotes...

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Life"
"Cosine, ______, Tangent, Sine, 3.14159....Gooooo Tech!"

Giant IPad

Waiting for it all to start.

Corrie and I looking techy. :P

Kanakuk-Staff Training Week

Staff Training week was very busy. I don't think I have ever been so exhausted in my life. During our Purity Talk, a couple days after we arrived at camp, my head began to feel heavy and I seriously had to hold my head up. God was my strength though and always gave me just enough strength to get through the day. A normal staff training day looked something like this...

8:45-9:15- Quiet Time
9:15-10:00-Leadership Speaker
10:30-12:30-Work Session
12:30-1:00- Lunch
1:00-2:00-More Training
2:00-5:30- Work Session (During which we planted many flowers, sealed steps, painted, weeded, spread mulch, cleaned cabanas)
5:30-6:30-Clean up for supper
7:00-11:00- I don't really remember what we all did during this time, but one night we played a game called East vs. West (like Ultimate Frisbee just with a ball) (it was way intense!!!). Another night we went to K-Kountry's Party Barn for a concert with Thist'le and Ben Rector.

Anyway, we had super busy days and as I told my family, I did not even have time to think about being homesick. :D

We had two nights off while I was there. The first was exactly a week after I got there on Wednesday and the second was that Saturday. During the first one I went to the Stark's house to do laundry and they fed me a wonderful home cooked meal. Also, Rebekah and Bethany were down visiting them so I got to see them too. I really wanted to jump into their fluffy King Sized Bed and sleep for forever, but I had to be check back in at Jamp by 12:45. I was too tired to stay up that late, though, so I returned around eleven.

On my second night off Hayden, Hannah, Bekah, Bethany, and the Langemeier family met me at Kamp. After showing them around we drove down to the Branson Landing. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, Mr. Langemeier and I walked around for forever trying to find a restaurant where I could eat and everyone else could have dessert. Unfortunately, every restaurant had at least an hour wait, so we finally settled for a small coffee shop that wasn't nearly as busy. It was so good to be able to spend time with my dear friends, the Langemeiers. After I ate, Langemeiers left and Bekah, Bethany, Hayden, Hannah, and I went back to their house. We talked for a while and then Rebekah took me back to kamp. As I went back into the gates and shut off my cell phone, I struggled for the first time with feeling like I was trapped. I am so used to living in a big, wide open area where I can go wherever I want whenever I want. God showed me the importance of being content with wherever He has place me...including in a gated community. As I poured my heart out before my savior, God was so faithful and continually renewed my peace.

June 1st finally arrived....BRING ON THE FAMILIES!!

Hayden, Hannah, and I at the Landing!

My sissie Bethany and I enjoying a night out!